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What do sashimi, diesel engines and first aid have in common?

Well if you're planning a sailing sabbatical, then yours truly needs to up skill in all three areas before we leave.

We'll be cruising at a good speed to trail a line out the back of the boat. It would be a tragedy to land a decent sized tuna and not know how to fillet it and eat fresh sashimi while underway. A bottle of something decent and white might have to be stowed away for such a win as this. 

And as much as we hate motor cruising, the reality is the "donk" will be our best friend and will need as much love and attention to ensure it can get us out of trouble. Husband reckons he should do the course. The feminist in me rallies against this. I think maybe both of us. 

It's really first, second and third aid when the nearest hospital is a day's sail away. We'll need to be well prepared, have our GP on speed dial and have almost a full pharmacy's worth of "just in case" treatments.

So some very interested education coming my way in the next twelve months. Stay tuned!