The Big Trip


The Big Trip

Departing mid-2018

Many conversations, several books,  a trello board, some charts, lots of googling. It all boils down to this: 

Take six months off. Go sailing.

Step 1: Buy Boat

Buying a car's got nothing on this. Our boat will be our home and vehicle, our safety and pride and joy. It will need to be sea-worthy. It will hopefully have lots of teak, and plenty of character. And an electric flushing head. And an aft owners campaign so I don't have to sleep on a triangle shaped mattress for 6 months. 

Step 2: Pack up life

We have a house, a car, a dog and way more stuff that we actually need -  this won't be easy. I already look around at my possessions and secretly relish making them disappear. Thankfully we live near a Salvos. We'll be looking to rent out our St Kilda house furnished. 

step 3: Sail away

So much to do first; First aid and radio courses,  trial trips in the bay, trial trips out of the heads, insurance to purchase, books to buy and read, technology to get in place and tested. But that first full lungful of proper sea air will be worth all the preparation.



Frequently Asked Questions


Do you already have a boat?

Not yet, but actively looking! We'll feature some on the blog as we get some front-runners. If you think looking for houses is fun...

What sort of boat will it be? HOw big?

Something under 40 foot, probably built in the 1980s (we're not millionaires sadly) that's very seaworthy, therefore probably not very fast and ideally has an aft owners cabin. 

Where will you go? 

We'll start out from Melbourne (home)  in order to do plenty of test sails and checks of the boat on weekends and evenings over summer. The rough plan is to head north along the east coast (of Australia). We are looking forward to having extended faffing around time in places like Sydney Harbour (where we met and later got married), Pittwater and the Whitsundays (of course). But how far we go and where we end up is really anyone's guess. 

Can you actually sail? 

Husband has been sailing for longer than I've been alive (cough) and is a very seasoned ocean racer. I've done a fair bit of inshore racing, some cruising, one very long ocean race (Melbourne to Vanuatu), a couple of offshore courses and a week on a tall ship. So yes. But it will be a learning curve for us both. 

Will you keep working while you sail? 

Almost certainly not. Sailing and the internet don't really mix. Although we'll be maxing out our tech for things like navigation and meteorology, and keeping friends and family up to date by social media, there won't be a lot of time for work. 

Can I come? 

We have a list on our Trello board for deckhands willing to either fly into a destination for a visit and some day sailing, or do a leg between ports with us. But we won't be on a strict timeline so deckhands will need to be flexible on either time period, location or both. 

How can I Follow your adventure? 

The Instagram account is already up and running, and we will probably set up a Facebook group for friends and family closer to departure date.